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Our company, the OTTA TRIO Ltd. was established in 2010. Our members are engineers, researchers and teachers with the aims to save and make our environment clear by using and developing either electro-physiological or biochemical technologies, and to propagate the environmental consciousness way of life.

We have experiences in sewage and drinking-water purification, in environmental reconstruction and rehabilitation; we are successful in consultancy and teaching activities and in mutual contentment with our partners we do our projects dynamically and precisely based on our competency, entitlement and professional calling.

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The team of OTTA TRIO Ltd.

Team members

Karcsú József

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Berényi Anita

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Fábián Zsolt


Vadas Ádám

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Varga László


Karcsúné Dr. Kis Gyöngyi

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Fülöp Melinda

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Bodon Bence

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